Ted Borland: Full Part From Think Thank’s “Mind The Video Man”

Posted by: Evan Litsios / added: 11.05.2013 / Back to What Up

Think Thank is proud to release Mr. Ted “Bundy” Borland’s full part from last year’s release: “Mind The Video Man.” Ted’s super-consistent style owes itself to his ability to make very difficult and technical tricks look smooth and effortless. Not to mention that Ted is choosey with his tricks, always delivering a well-curated trick selection.

Bundy killed it in Mind The Video Man, and went even harder last season. If you haven’t seen Think Thank’s most recent release, “Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack”, we strongly suggest you do.


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Source: http://www.frqncy.com/news/2013/11/05/ted-borland-full-part-from-think-thanks-mind-the-video-man?utm_campaign=blog_feed&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=feed_reader
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